On the new corporate website, we optimally present Coroplast as a family-run global player and attractive employer.

Continuous relaunch for Coroplast


Continuous relaunch for Coroplast

Coroplast is a world-leading manufacturer of technical adhesive tapes, wires and cables as well as cable assembly systems. Clients of Coroplast are primarily car manufacturers and their suppliers. Since 2015, we have been Coroplast’s lead digital agency in the following areas: conception, design, editing, technical implementation and consultancy.



Consulting, Design, Usability, Concept, Employer Branding, Content Strategy, Content Marketing

TYPO3, Backend, Frontend



Central umbrella brand strategy

The aim of the corporate website’s relaunch was to reposition the brand in a user-centred way for clients and job applicants. High-quality and standardised brand communication was designed to present Coroplast’s product and employer brand in a new and modern light. And last, but certainly not least, Coroplast’s international locations were to be integrated into the central umbrella brand strategy.


Continuous relaunch – continuous development

The continuous relaunch involves the rollout of a digital strategy in iterations, each one a launch that builds upon the previous one. The first launch meant implementing the conceptual fundamentals or navigation concept, all user-centred aspects and the modelling of the customer journey. Using personas that were representative of user groups and their expectations and needs, the pages and content were given a makeover.


Finally, a prototype of the new pages was created and put to the test by our test persons. After initial completion of the restructured pages in the first iteration, they were continually supplemented with news, specialist articles, images and stories as well as new areas, gaining in depth and relevance with each iteration.

„Continuous relaunch is particularly well-suited to B2B companies as it ideally accommodates the structures and processes that often prevail in the sector. “Martin Bugl, Senior Project Manager at interactive tools
„Given the diverse contact options, we use the website much more as a sales and marketing instrument. In particular, the uncomplicated way of pinpointing the right contact person offers a decisive competitive advantage. “Verena Rischmann, Central Marketing at Coroplast

Presenting an attractive employer brand

Just like with the product area, the careers area is aimed at applicant groups that are relevant to Coroplast and offers specific points of entry for all target groups. Job applicants receive thorough, fact-orientated parcels of information as well as content that focus on the experience and invite them to continue browsing. As a result, “People at Coroplast” offers high-quality portraits of employees in various specialist areas. These offer applicants a decision-making tool as well as a vivid impression of potential colleagues and Coroplast as an employer. The job descriptions are centrally accessible via the job exchange or the entry points for specific applicant groups.


Coroplast digitally develops new markets

The USA, China and Poland are just three examples for the international rollout of the Coroplast brand. How did we pull it off? We assisted Coroplast with an internationalisation strategy to digitally develop new markets: the new country websites take into consideration country-specific qualities, while the central focus remains consistently on the target groups in those markets. As a result, we successfully transport what the traditional firm from Wuppertal has to offer into other languages and ensure that Coroplast is perceived as an international brand.


“CoroWorld” and the employee newspaper “CoroNotes”

Our strong commitment to content at Coroplast helped bring to life the in-house employee magazine “CoroWorld” and the employee newspaper “CoroNotes”. Both are available in German, English and Polish. They offer thoroughly researched journalistic content and are of the highest quality. The newspaper “CoroNotes” is a channel for everyday communication and provides insights into topics of central importance to the business. The magazine “CoroWorld” is a highlight publication that presents an informative and entertaining review of the previous year.


TYPO3 CMS for all content

Whether it’s news, events or the latest videos in the media library: users and clients receive all current and ongoing updates concerning Coroplast in the newsroom. The ideal management of content is achieved using the open source TYPO3 CMS, which is also the basis for implementing the website. The CMS wins over editors with its outstanding usability, stability and modular structure.


The website can therefore perfectly incorporate extensions based on individual needs and displays on all mobile end devices. It’s further developed during the course of the continuous relaunch and adapted to support the growing demands of the B2B company throughout their digital transformation.

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