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Everything under one roof - interactive tools integrates the entire corporate world of KTR Systems into the new digital experience platform ktr.com.The goal: to facilitate accessibility for all customers worldwide and take the user experience to a new level.


About KTR

Since the 1950s, KTR Systems has been a pioneer in the development of clutches, brakes, cooling systems and hydraulic components for mechanical and plant engineering. Today, KTR realizes more than 20,000 new developments and variants every year in addition to numerous standard products on behalf of customers. With over 480 employees at its headquarters in Rheine, more than 1,100 employees worldwide, 24 subsidiaries and over 90 sales partners, KTR is at home in industrial markets on every continent.

Technological evaluation, conception, strategy, technical consulting, UX/UI design, design pattern library, modernization of brand experience, editing & text, search, application development, internationalization, marketing automation

Magnolia CMS, frontend, backend, Viamedici, Salesforce Pardot/MCAE


A platform for everything and everyone

The main objectives of the relaunch were to strengthen digital sales through improved lead generation and to consolidate the digital landscape on the basis of a future-proof, scalable infrastructure. The strategic basis for this is the new brand strategy, which aims to merge KTR's various portals, applications and country sites into one umbrella brand portal. To this end, the various services and URLs of KTR - such as ktr360.com, ktr-karriere.de and ktr-events.com - will be successively combined in the umbrella portal ktr.com.

This bundles all content in one place and significantly increases performance. This also included the complete redesign and redesign of the product portal, which unites all product divisions and optimally presents the KTR brand.

The streamlined structure and links to products and services make it easier to navigate and find KTR's wide range of products and services. The login area has also been significantly simplified: in future, customers will only need to log in with their e-mail address and will then have access to all content and applications - such as various downloads (white papers, CAD drawings, catalogs) and services (webinar or live event recordings).

The networking of the individual media creates a consistent, international and target group-oriented brand presence. The new website should reflect the quality and product diversity of KTR and the sales and service processes should play a central role.

Mock-up of various devices displaying the new ktr.com website
Easier navigation, easier to find - the new corporate website focuses on user needs
A computer screen showing the integrated chatbot on the new KTR website
Higher customer satisfaction and relief for employees thanks to integrated chatbot

Continuous Relaunch

As the lead digital agency, we will be implementing the international rollout of KTR's new Digital Experience Platform from summer 2023. To this end, the requirements for the new platform were recorded in international consultations as well as in internal and external surveys. These findings provided the key background for the concept and information structure of the new corporate website, which will be implemented as part of a continuous relaunch.

A screen showing the industry overview on the KTR website
With the industry overview, customers can find the right product selection with just a few clicks
„ktr.com is at the cutting edge of web technology, from the technical basics to the interaction options.“Julian Birich, Deputy Head of Marketing, KTR Systems

Technical innovation with the Magnolia DXP

The core of the new ecosystem is a Magnolia DXP based on a headless/microservice architecture. The Magnolia content management system enables the centralized maintenance of company-wide content serverless in the cloud. Thanks to the headless architecture, content can be output via various channels. At the same time, all document types can be recorded in the respective language versions. Magnolia also offers editors many options for presenting content in an attractive and varied way.

Flexible content management with Magnolia

Magnolia offers a headless DXP solution with which you can build a digital experience platform, an infrastructure that allows you to consistently respond to the needs of your customers. interactive tools implements extensive projects with Magnolia.

More about Magnolia

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Product area and product staging

In addition to the restructuring of the product area, KTR's products and services were presented in a new way. From impressive visualizations to technical details - with micro animations, exploded views, 3D drawings, assembly instructions, free downloads and the possibility to request products, KTR products can be experienced and understood. In addition, the Viamedici product information system was connected, which is used to manage product data and display it in a meaningful way. The interface with Salesforce Pardot/MCAE also enables the automation of marketing and sales processes by forwarding product inquiries directly to Salesforce Pardot/MCAE via a link.

A 3D illustration of a cargo ship loaded with containers
3D visualizations help to find products for the desired application
„The new website opens up an innovative digital world in which our company, our products and our services can be experienced in detail and conveniently.“Julian Birich, Deputy Head of Marketing, KTR Systems
Illustration of the recurring design elements on the new KTR website
KTR products in a new light: recurring design elements create a common thread that makes orientation easier

Future-oriented web design

The aim of the new web design is to convey greater clarity, lightness and liveliness. Improved navigation should also make it easier for users to find the information they need more quickly. In addition to the corporate colors Fresh Orange, Nearly Black and Light Grey, the unifying design element on the entire website is the hexagon, which is not only included in the KTR logo, but also appears as a bullet point, button and background element. In addition, the responsive implementation allows the content to be adapted to different resolutions and views on all devices. This makes the new website equally accessible for all end devices.

Photo of the homepage of ktr.com in the mobile and desktop view
The homepage in mobile and desktop view


The new corporate portal can be accessed in various languages thanks to adaptations in the Magnolia content management system. All texts can be maintained in multiple languages via interfaces and displayed on the various country pages of the corporate website. As part of the continuous relaunch, all country versions of the website are to be adapted so that all customers can gradually benefit from the advantages of the new digital experience platform in their respective national language and with specific content.

Overview of the international language selection on the new KTR website
The new website will be available with country-specific content in over 15 national languages

To the point: ROI for the business

  • Customer-centric content and services in one portal
  • Creation of a vital, emotionalizing brand experience
  • Improved lead generation and conversion
  • Scalable technologies, decoupling of technological dependencies
  • Consistent customer experience across various touchpoints

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