Simply digital banking: Service design for one of Germany’s largest financial service providers

Service design for Sparkasse

With more than 50 million customers, Sparkasse is one of Germany’s largest financial service providers. In addition to its strong regional roots, Sparkasse is particularly well-known for its strong customer relations. Thanks to its user-centred methods, interactive tools ensured that customers could digitally experience the same service they are used to from their branch – on all their end devices.


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[Translate to Englisch:] Screenshot der Sparkassen-Website

Usability test for the redesign

The website serves Sparkasse customers as a central information portal and the way of accessing the highly frequented online banking service. In order to upgrade the website to the new corporate design, Sparkasse opted for a fundamental redesign. Directly after the relaunch, we carry out a series of usability tests in which we allow test persons to rate the new design in terms of acceptance, understandability and efficiency.


[Translate to Englisch:] Screenshot der Sparkassen-Website zum Thema Finanzierungsfragen
[Translate to Englisch:] Sparkassen-Website wird auf einem Tablet angesehen

Optimization for closer customer relations

In our integrated UX lab, we give customers from various age groups the opportunity to conduct typical tasks on the website. In follow-up interviews, they describe their impressions to our usability experts. The outcome: overall, the test persons are very positive about the new design and find the website easy to navigate. Our tests confirm that the new design has a positive effect on how the Sparkasse brand is perceived – users perceive the website as new and modern. Based on our recommendations, Sparkasse optimises the elements, wording, and interactions that weren’t intuitive enough after the test. Now users can enjoy a great user experience on all end devices.

Usability optimization for customer-friendly online forms

Our usability experts from conception and editorial teams provided their analysis in expert reviews concerning the content and structure of important online forms on the finance portal, with a view to simplifying the service provided. Based on the reviews, we developed a prototype to illustrate the most important optimisation measures. Thanks to the usability optimisation process, Sparkasse created new online forms that are simpler and easier to understand – and they have a positive effect on the Sparkasse digital brand experience!


[Translate to Englisch:] Ansicht eines optimierten und übersichtlichen Online-Formulars der Sparkasse.

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